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Despite improving standards however, the fact remains that many hair loss sufferers want something that SMP cannot provide - their real hair back. We only sell our SMP Certified products to our students, so you will NOT find these on kijiji, DH Gate, eBay, Amazon, or any other site. The availability of a temporary procedure definitely encourages more people to resolve their hair loss issues because tricopigmentation is less daunting for those who are yet to be convinced that SMP is the right solution for their needs.

SMP® is often used as an effective scar concealment method, making them far less visible than they previously were. Currently, most SMP providers are using tattoo needles or permanent makeup needles. You know guys, it can really be a challenge to conceal a strip scar and I also agree with bonkers in that the hair would still need to be at a number 2 or higher, depending on the patient.

A painless smp is guaranteed by hair harmony and you, thanks to the anesthesia administered during the actual procedure. Although we've never had to remove any SMP procedures to date, the SMP procedure is reversible. No one will notice that it is an ink treatment, you can return to work the day after your procedure and people will think you look great, but they will have no idea that you underwent treatment.

SMP into scar tissue holds some complications dependent on the size and type of scarring. This will made the scar appear to blend in with the natural density of your hair. Almost on a daily basis, I take off my surgery hat during a consultation to demonstrate the potential of SMP to a patient who I relate to. They are amazed every time!

Hairline Ink offers a simple, cost-effective, guaranteed solution, using the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment to defy hair loss and completely end the frustration of Alopecia Areata, Totalis, Universalis, Lupus and many other hair loss related illnesses.

After each SMP session, the pigment we implant to mimic hair follicles or skin color, will seem more intense As the skin heals, the camouflage color settles and sets up. This takes from 10 to 14 days. For a standard Scalp Aesthetics treatment that includes the hairline, front, top and crown with blending can expect to have 14-15 thousand hair follicles tattooed using our point by point placement.

For best results, most clients will require some scar pre-treatment services before their initial micro-pigmentation session. The technique can benefit all transplant patients, whatever their hair length, and regardless of whether or not their transplant surgery was originally combined with a full MHT® treatment.

We have clients that have reached their ten year mark with having SMP completed with us and those who followed their post care procedures and keep their scalps from over exposure to the elements have had no issue with fading. The treated area will look dark and red right after the SMP scar camouflage, and it takes about 1 to 2 weeks to show a more natural colour.

Here we offer an extra day to ensure that all participants understand the principals of SMP, and are able to confidently perform a Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment. They will be covered and blended in as your head will look natural after the treatment. Treating these scars with SMP seems to always work regardless of the patients tendency to scar.

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